Shawn Gulseth
Shawn Gulseth # 977936
Stafford Creek Correctional Center
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen   WA   98520   USA
I am understanding. A good listener. I am looking to make friends and network. I am multi talented in visual arts like drawing, beadwork and painting. I am a tattoo artist. I play guitar and write as well.

I have spent time in Minnesota, California and Washington state. I worked as a line cook and as a tattoo artist. I grew up in a religious family with strict values.

I am almost always very excited about life just for the sake of living and I pour this attitude ino my art and music. I am a very positive person.  I am goal oriented. I have the next day planned out as I go to sleep. I also have my mind on “the long term”, I am almost always working on things I have planned out.

I have a college education. It hasn’t done much for me but I loved school at the time and would do it again.

I am the man in the Tuxedo in my profile pic. I was at my sister's wedding. My hair is longer and a couple years have passed.

You can contact me on and please leave your name and address so I can respond or write to me at:
Shawn Gulseth 977936
HIA 24 L
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, WA 98520

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