Demareon Wooten
Damareon Wooten # 975342    
Macomb Correctional Facility
34625 26 Mile Road     
Lenox, MI 48048 USA
Hi, my name is Demareon but my family and friends call me Mareon, lil Bill, and mar mar, they use to call me mini but since then I've gotten taller so no one use that name anymore.

I'm 22 years old my birthday is June 1st, I'm a Gemini and nope we not two faced or bi polar lol. I'm 5' 8" and around 145 pounds. I have 3 tattoos, my mom name on my arm, one of my friends name that died and my initials on each of my hand. My favorite color is red and favorite food is Mac and cheese. My favorite TV series is Shameless. If there's anything else I missed please let me know.

My hobbies are writing music whenever I can. I just stated not to long ago. I draw whenever I can as well or have utensils to do so. I also like to play basketball but my favorite sport is football but we can't play that in prison. So I took to basketball and I'm getting really good at it.

Right now I'm just enrolling into Adam State University in Colorado. I'm going for Business and I'm studying to be real estate agent or a broker. I don't know which one yet so I'm taking both.

I'm looking for someone who I can build a positive relationship with and make each other laugh and smile with just a conversation through out the day and night. If your interested get back at me.

P.S. if you send a letter please have an address in the letter and envelope also we can not receive pictures on picture paper it has to be on copy paper per MDOC policy.

Thank you
African American
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