Ray Jackson
Dear humanity.

Greetings to each and everyone. My name is Ray Jackson. Sadly to say these circumstances cause me to reach out from behind bars.

I always focus on positive things and that which creates growth. I believe in seeing the best in others. Yet! We struggle through injustices, especially how hypocrites create hypocrisy schemes to illegally block my legal assess for meaningful remedy. For this reason I am reaching out to honest and mature people, cause in true unity, are compassionate and merciful hearts will bring a meaningful balance to inittutional prejudice in the US.

As an innocent man, I never want to seem coming off desperate in any way. My faith in humanity causes this urgent plea for help in meeting good people. Yes! I am in dire need of assistance and love! So I'm looking for the good inhumanity I know is out there :)

Never think we can't build a strong and lasting friendship under the circumstances. We can! I do so look forward to hearing and learning of you, just as much as I look forward to sharing my life with you. I only ask that you be true in your correspondence, for me this is more than life, death and freedom, it's also about building a new life, meeting and making new friends…

So, till we meet peace be with you always :)

Always, with out wax,
Ray Jackson
Ray Jackson  # 973885
Santa Rosa Correctional Institution
5850 E Milton Road
Milton, FL 32583 USA
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None as of yet, Still Working On It
Ad Start: 12-01-16
Ad Expiration:12-01-18