Adrian (Ponch) Bustamante
Hi there, are you looking for that special someone?
Then we may have something in common already because so am I. Could you be this someone?

I'm a 51 year young Mexican-American with a great sense of humor. You can call me Ponch, all my friends do. I have hazel/brown eyes. I have some tattoos on my body but not too many. And although I'm not in the best of shape, I do take care of myself.

My interest include art, crossword puzzles, Harleys and low riders. I'm considered a decent artist because I draw and paint fairly well. I've even had some of my artwork published in some magazines. What kind of music do you like? My favorites are Oldies, Rock and some Country. Oh yeah, I also like dancing Jive (jitterbug).

I'm NOT looking for sympathy or money, I'm just looking for someone who's honest, understanding and sincere. Although I would like to love again someday, because I'm a true romantic at heart, I'm content with just having that TRUE FRIEND in my life. Know what I mean?

There's so much more to me than this ad so write and get to know me because I would love to get to know you. Tell me all about yourself. Your looks, age or race is not important but your sincerity is. Take the time to write and I promise I'll respond right away. A pic is most appreciated but not necessary for me to reply. Okay?

So… Still think we may have something in common? Then take that chance on TRUE friendship. I'll be here waiting to hear from you. Let's brighten each other's day.
Adrian (Ponch) Bustamante # 97203
P O Box 8200
Cranston, RI 02920-0200 USA
Hispanic, Mexican American
On Appeal
Ad Expires:  06/04/18
Ad Start:  05/04/16