Kaulani Anderson
Hey everyone, what's up?

Thank you for clicking on me to check me out. I'm making this profile in hopes of meeting new people and make new friends. More than anything I would like to find that special girl who I could possibly spend the rest of my life with, be with me, have kids with me, and give me the love I'm looking for. If not, it's okay. I'm down to just be friends.

I will be completely free 5/28/2021. If you want the same thing as me, please let me know and we can get to know each other and work on that foundation. If all you want is friendship, let me know and I will respect your boundaries and feelings. Love or friend, I will always be real with you.

I'm not abusive in any kind of way. And I will always be interested in listening to your thoughts and feelings. I believe in communication and honesty. I'm an open book and am comfortable with talking about anything. I want to find that person I can be transparen witht, I will never judge you. I will always be on your side. And it all starts with taking that first step.

I love drawing and gaming. I also like to get out of the house, take out my longboard; anything outdoors really. I also love music, poetry, animals, cuddling, food, movies. When I get out I'm sure there will be a lot more to learn and love. And adventure I would love to share with someone.

Feel free to ask me about my charge. I was 18, girlfriend was 16. I hope to hear from someone soon. Download the J pay app and add me! Emailing may be more convenient. Or hand write me a letter? I'm waiting :)

Kaulani Anderson # 97121
381 W Hospital Drive  
Orofino, ID 83544 USA
Caucasian Samoan
Statutory (Consensual)Rape
Release Date
Ad Start: 08-22-19
Ad Expiration:08-22-20