Donald Nelson
My name is Donald Nelson and 32 years old.

I'm currently incarcerated in the Michigan Department of corrections until 2020. I'm searching for someone to become pen pals with, to socialize with and become friends with.

I'm open-minded, understanding towards others beliefs, ideas and behaviors. I'm also an animal lover and my cat X is my baby.

I'm searching for someone of the same mindset. I prefer someone that is honest, down to earth and who is not bothered that I am incarcerated. I also prefer someone in the United states.

My goals, once released, are to spend time with family and return back to work.

I'm searching for a single female pen pal and race or age doesn't matter. I've been a northerner all my life, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I enjoy the many outdoor activities that come along with living in Michigan. I attended school in Detroit and was blessed with two children, a girl and boy.

My hobbies are exercising and racing rc cars. I enjoy all types of music. I don't dance but I plan to learn one day. I enjoy learning new things. I don't spend my time worrying about the small stuff in life, although in prison there is so much that I'm grateful for. I've always had a positive outlook on life. I love to laugh and make others laugh.

Note: for That those who choose to write, please place my name in prison number on the letter that you write along with your name and address, otherwise I will not be given the letter as this is Michigan prison policy.
Donald Nelson  # 967689
Handlon Correctional Institution M 21
1728 Bluewater Highway 
Ionia, MI 48846 USA
Women, Friends, Donations
Release Date
Ad Start: 06-21-18
Ad Expiration:06-21-19