Curtis Hines
I'm seeking to find a female Pen Pal for the purpose of building a lating friendship that could possibly lead to more.

I'm seeking to locate my soulmate threw this ad. Could you be the soulmate that I've been looking for? I'm only interested in corresponding with one lucky lady who belives strongly in honesty like I do. Without honesty in a relationship then there is no solid foundation for a relationship to stand firm on. I have no requirements when it comes to weight, race, and looks. I'm not into looks. I'm more attracted to a beautiful personality not beautiful looks. You might consider youself unattractive but if you have a beautiful personlity then I'll definatly be attracted to you. Good looks fade with age and a beautiful personality will always outlast good looks.

I posted this ad becasue I'm seeking to find someone to fall in love with and I want that someone to love me too. I have no hidden motives. I'm not seeking anyone's money and I'm not seeking anything material from anyone. My only motive I have is to be loved by somebody and to love somebody in return and that's my only true motive I have.

If your seeking to play mind games then don't write me please.

My name is Curtis Dixon Hines #966319, age 44, You can correspond with me faster by cell phone and computer by down loading the free Jpay app and it's free to do it or you can write me a letter (corresponding by cell phone and computer is basically emailing one another.

I write outstanding R&B music and I sing also and I'd love to sing you a song I've written. I have no kids and I'll keep you smiling and never crying. Write me and let me know what your hobbies are and what it is that your doing with your that this new virus has everybody on house arrest. The Government locked all of ya'll down without giving ya'll a trial or jury and they didn't read ya'll ya'll rights before conviction. Let me know all about you and what it is that makes you smile.

Dowload the free app so we can begin to build something magical and beautiful together just you and me.

Stay safe and prayed up and God Bless.
Curtis Hines # 966319 
Dade Correctional Institution
19000 SW 377th Street   
Florida City, FL 33034-6409 USA
African American
Release Date
Ad Start: 09-03-20
Ad Expiration:09-03-22