Cynthia Gonzalez
Cynthia Gonzalez # 96608
Denver Womens Correctional Facility
P O Box 392005
Denver   CO   80239   USA
Cynthia Gonzalez is a woman who loves music, muscle cars, watching her favorite TV shows and daydreaming about what her life would look like if she lived out in the Free World.

Cynthia is someone who prides herself on her appearance and is passionate about helping others grow and change. During the past 26 years of incarceration she has learned many valuable lessons, including the power of resilience and the ability to overcome.

Cynthia is a features producer for Colorado's first ever prison radio station where she is a DJ music show host, interviewer and audio storyteller. Although where Cynthia’s heart truly lies is within the mentoring program she helps run. Not only did Cynthia realize her purpose in life was to help people out, it gave her meaning and hope. Her program helps incarcerated residents reach their true potential and realize they have the capacity to heal and rehabilitate. Something Cynthia strives everyday to achieve on her own. Cynthia continues to grow everyday and works on forgiveness with herself and who it implies to everyone in her life.

Now, all Cynthia is missing is someone to fill her life with, as she feels she has no one to share life experiences. Cynthia was incarcerated at a very young age and never got the chance to live life and missed out on many opportunities. She yearns for nothing more than someone to bring happiness, love and joy into her world that is often full of loneliness and pain. She wants nothing more than to have someone to share her life with.

Will you be that someone?

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