Mah'Lon Kellum
I'm seeking a woman that can handle a down to earth type of guy that is truthful, honest and also full of many surprises. 

I don't have a type however I'm a sucker for women who has a sense of humor or not afraid to explore. I'm a reasonable man so I know how to earn my spot and secure it very well.

I like to read, work out. I have goals on being an artist. I have a clothing line but have yet to be established.

My reason for being on here is cause I know there is a person out there for everyone and I'm not God so I won't judge. I'm a strong believer that a personality is more beautiful than a face or the shape of a body. True love is better than a wish coming true even if your fingers crossed and you close your eyes and wear your lucky shirt nothing will stop true love for another person from seeking it.

Well I want to be honest so I'll start off by saying my girl left me because she ain't wanting to do the time with me. I don't judge her at all also I forgive but I could never be with her again. I provide for my family. Well I'm good around children, I'm a fun person to go out with. People always say I'd be the life of the party.

I'm looking for a woman who cooks or picks a good order out meal. LOL..
Tell me ya wants and needs to life what is ya fears don't be afraid to tell me secrets cause I'm not looking up for telling so they'll be safe with me. I don't break promises.

My favorite songs is no guidance by Chris Brown.
Sade-No ordinary love
Movie-paid in full-Friday.

I always pick the wrong women. I hope you're the one that's right for me.
I'm from Camden, NJ 08104.
My nickname is Funsway.
Mah'Lon Kellum # 959091C/828158
Northern State Prison
168 Frontage Road  
Newark, NJ 07114 USA
African American Asian Hispanic
Attempted Murder
Release Date
Ad Start: 02-06-20
Ad Expiration:02-06-21