My name is Don Johnson. As you can see from the photo, I am a white male with blue eyes. I am 54 years old and 5’ 7 feet tall and weigh approximately 214 pounds.  I do not care who you are, I encourage all letters: any race, religion, gender, age, (18 up)  nationality or sexual orientation (lesbian, gay, straight, bi-sexual ect).  WHOEVER!  I do not discriminate. I know all too well what it means to be an outcast.  The constant shameful reminder of my past will not let me forget it.  Since I was locked up in 1995 and again in 2001 I have come to cherish relationships so much more because of the ones I've already lost.

Some of my favorite things to do are listen to music, snuggle in front of a fireplace.
I love cats, dogs, birds, ect, and a good sunrise or sunset.

I have 4 brothers, and one sister. I am the baby of my siblings and am fortunate enough to still have one of my loving and supportive parents. (My Mother)

I was married once to a very beautiful lady who I divorced in 1996 from prison. I have no children..

If you want a long time friend and pen pal or someone to write to temporarily I will be very glad to hear from you.  Please send a picture with no kids in the pictures because of where I am.

Donald G.  Johnson
I will greatly appreciate your letter sent directly to me:
Donald G. Johnson # 9515912


Donald Johnson # 9515912
Wellpath Recovery Solutions
4546 Broad River Road
Columbia   SC   29210   USA
Donald Johnson
Women, Men, Friends, Donations,
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