Philip Ward
Philip Ward # 94A7157
Sullivan Correctional Facility
P O Box 116
Fallsburg   NY   12733   USA
My dear lady, where have you been? I have missed you like a cool fall wind. The year is turning into another.My mother taught me to embrace all colors. If you are young or old, just like me, our gray hair is part of maturity. Are you big or small? Can my 5/11 height answer your call?  I hope you like sunsets, they are nice, when we kiss twice. The sky has no limits, when you set your mind to win it.

I finished school in 2009. Now in college, doing fine. Feeling a bit lonely with all these books. Need a balance from a woman with good looks. I like to write to express my heart. Once you get to know me, fireworks will start. I keep my head up looking towards the sky. Without work, faith is dead. I believe I have changed after all these years. God knows my regrets through countless pain & tears. I will tell you the truth, I learned a lot. Given the chance to get out, I’ll build that house, I got skills under my belt. Masonry, electrical, painting, plumbing, landscaping also.

All to be close with you. I haven’t wasted my time, only used it to better my mind. I hope you’re smart, patient, & kind. Funny too, and encouraging like wine. My story is not good at all.But, I try to overcome prison walls. God has always been near, now I know.

Take a chance and drop me a hello. I won’t lie to you. So ask what you want. If we are up front with each other, that’s half the cost. I just want a friend to meet . Someone cool and smart that can help me dance to the  beat. I have no money as of yet, or a fancy car like a corvette. Maybe someday that will change. But for now, I stay positive and enjoy the rain. So, if you are bright like the sun, answer my ad to have some fun.

I hope you like my picture. I gave you a smile. God is good, no matter the mile. My poem is just for you. I can't wait to see your smile too. will get video grams, email from you. Only if you want communication between me and you.

Thank you,
Philip Ward

Ad Start: 02-10-22
Ad Expiration:  02-10-23
African American
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