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My name is Justin, and I'm a Southern California native. My mom told me that she named me Justin because the name rhymes with "Justice", and she'd hoped I'd be an attorney someday. Though I doubt that she ever envisioned me fighting to get myself out of 'hot water" in court (smiling). But I guess that's just how life goes sometimes.

I turned 44 years old (and I can't tell you how much that sucks!) (Smile). Though, thankfully, I'm aging gracefully. I'm a Taurus. I'm part Black, White, and Cherokee Indian. I have olive-green eyes and long brown hair. I'm 5'10" and weigh 195 lbs.

My "interests" include: Rap, R&B, Jazz, and Alternative Rock music. I enjoy the outdoors and traveling. I also like kids (although I still haven't had any kids of my own). I'm in good shape and jog regularly (last "labor day I won the prison's 50 K foot race". I don't do drugs, smoke, or drink and never have.

My "Talents": singing, dancing, writing songs and poetry, amongst others. My poetry has been selected for publication in a book called "Prison Blues"by "Shotcaller Press", and one was also chosen for publication in a magazine. My art has, also, been selected for publication in a magazine (You can see 4 copies of my art displayed). I formerly worked as a certified computer and office machine repair technician in California. I am an excellent portrait artist and a formidable chess player.

Another fact about my life that you may find interesting is that 10 years ago I was interviewed and featured in a "Nationally-Televised" Television Show Documentary  . Prison officials had cruelly, and arbitvarily, locked me into solitary confinement for the first 15 years of my imprisonment, and during the 13th year I was interviewed by the "National Geographic Channel-Explorer " film crew, and I told my story about the harsh psychological-effects of long-term solitary confinement. The episode was titled "Administrative Segregation"and aired on 4-11-10. It's on You Tube.. I am no longer in solitary confinement and have mostly recovered from it. Just as importantly, the documentary caused "Administrative Segregation" to be outlawed in Colorado.

I've been incarcerated for over 23 years now. I was initially framed by corrupt cops (and, as it so happens, I'm currently suing them for it). I've also become a very good self-taught "Jailhouse Lawyer", and by representing myself in court without an attorney I have gotten convictions overturned and won lawsuits. Also, because of a relatively new Colorado Supreme Court decision called Nowak V. Suthers, I just discovered recently that I've already been eligible for parole for over two years (after not expecting parole for another 42 years-- long story, though if you're interested I'll be more than happy to tell it to you-- I'm an "open book" :) I'm currently filing the necessary paperwork, and anticipate release on parole in the year 2021. Pretty cool, right!? I'm very excited! :)

I try to live based on a set of philosophies that I've refined over the years. I'm a pretty well-balanced person. I'm kind, courageous, brave, caring, romantic and adventurous. I'm a dreamer, and I have goals and ambitions. I'm not afraid to take chances. I'm also very engaging, and I have a great sense of humor (if you write me and we become friends, I'm going to make you laugh and smile-- it's inevitable! :).

I'm currently searching for a nice, outgoing woman for friendship and companionship. Your race and looks aren't important to me-- I judge by character. However, I'd still like it very much if you send a photograph. So please write… I hope to hear from you soon.

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My Stupid Smile :) (Age 44)
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