Marc Vadnais # 94347-004
F C C Coleman Low A1
P O Box 1031
Coleman   FL   33521-1031   USA
Marc Vadnais
Marc Vadnais 94347-004
In the days before the Covid.
Before I started my bid.
I was a good and decent man.
But mistakes were made and the price was paid the first time I head my cell door slam.
Now my out date is getting near.
Nervous, I am in fear, of being released without a cherished friend.
So I’ll fish upon this site.
Perhaps I’ll catch a bite?
Maybe something will come of it in the end.

Hi, my name is Marc and I hope that little poem made you smile.  I’m not much of a poet, but if I set my mind to something, I usually can get it done.  Drawing is more my thing.  I do cartoons and doodles for fun.

It’s just a hobby to pass the time.

I also enjoy reading and watching science based articles and shows.

I’m into gaming, I like pen & paper, RPG’S and video games.  I love animals, especially dogs.  I enjoy music from all kinds of genres, but classic rock dominates my play lists.  The Beatles are my favorites.  More recent bands and artists I found are Camila Cabello, LP, and Twenty One Pilots.

I LOVE movies, not just watching them, but the whole theater experience.  I hope the industry recovers.

I like to cook.  I am no chef by any stretch but I know my way around the kitchen.
Some personal info:  I’m a Connecticut Yankee who grew up in South Florida.  I’m a widower with two kids, daughter in college, son in high school.  Never do drugs.  Very moderate drinker.

What I’m looking for:  I’d like to make friends with women for friendship.  I’ve got plenty of male friends.  I’d love to hear a women’s point of view.

If you’re into Star Wars, comic books, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Video games, we’d have a lot to talk about.  But even if you’re not into those things, drop me a line anyway.  I’d like to hear what you’re into.

Lastly, I want to thank you for exploring this website and considering writing to an inmate.  Even if you write to someone else, you are helping with the healing process that incarcerated persons must go through and I have a lot of respect for that.

Thank you hope to hear from you,

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