Hi, I'm Vincent Mandinghall, some things about myself is I'm a very caring and likable person. A little rough around the edges, however, I’m a gentle/man, I love to watch all sorts of movies with the exception of war movies:  I have a great sense of humor, love to laugh, joke around and make people smile;  another thing is cooking is a hobby of mine… I feel it's an art of getting together w/others and having intellectual conversations, learning the likes/dislikes. Figuring out the beautiful compatibility that may surface.

I'm mainly an open book, very honest and choose to have a strong foundation built from truth than lies.. I'm also a great listener at all the right times… slow to take and always quick to give, a true people person. Another thing is I'm willing to have an open heart and open mind toward music, location, various conversations and more.. Taking a leap of faith for the betterment of Life on all perspectives is always a great thing.

If you're wondering what I'm looking for? Well that's simple, someone that is willing to be open-minded to indulge in great conversations..

Vincent Mendinghall


Vincent Mendinghall # 94330
B C C F Bent County
11560 Co Rd FF 75
Las Animan   CO   81054   USA
Vincent Mendinghall
African American
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