Ashley Gaddis
Honesty is the best policy

11/1/2018, I was sentenced as a habitual criminal to 5-15 years, which is now a 5-7. My goal is to reduce my sentence to 3-5 years through programming, clean conduct, and support, this goal is realistic.

I was raised by my mother to believe in God, be honest, be responsible and embrace my education. However, I rejected her advice and upheld my own belief system.

Las Vegas, city of sin became my playground. I made poor decisions, engaged in criminal activity and entertained the 'night life'. Today I want different results. I know I must do different.

I am looking for a friend, confidant, and possibly more. Most importantly a lasting relationshp. I want to meet someone who is non judgemental and who is willing to get to know me as I am. To open and read this book and not put it aside based on the cover. I want to pursue my college and  become productive with my time so that my transition into society will be a healthy and positive one with a promising future.

As this is a tough time for me, I would love to laugh a little/alot and bring laughter to your life. I have a great sense of humor with a wild imagination!!

***In my heart I know this to be true. We are all human beings that deserve the opportunity to change and grow.

Ashley Gaddis # 94203
4370 Smiley Road  
Las Vegas, NV 89115 USA
Friends, Legal Help
Habitual Criminal (Lessor)
Release Date
Ad Start: 08-15-19
Ad Expiration:08-15-20