Mario Espinoza
Mario Espinoza # 93793
Ely State Prison
P O Box 1989
Ely   NV   89301   USA
Hello everyone, my deepest greetings to you all out there in the Free World taking the time to check out my profile.-Born and raised in Southern California, I am an open-minded, non-judgemental, sincere, loyal, true, gentleman who enjoys writing, reading, learning, exercise, listening to music, have good times and making new friends.

I'm looking for people willing to correspond the old school way, snail mail, hoping to find a true friend who will appreciate me for the man that I am, my mind and my spirit, able to share some time with me and take it from there, come What May!

Also, I am an experienced artist looking to network and progress my talent beyond these walls, able to share it with the outside world as well.  Although I am confined to a cell at this time, I try to escape this place as best as I can and keep a constructive mindset-Despite life's constant struggles, I keep a positive attitude and remain optimistic!

I believe it is important to maximise the opportunities and experiences life has to offer, most important being that of genuine friendships.-This journey I am pursuing comes with a new thirst for life, knowledge and companionships.  I have realized that happiness can come in many forms... my beautiful daughter being a motivating force in my life.  I am hoping to find someone willing to meet me on an intellectual level to be able to create something worth embracing in the midst of this dark and lonely place.  Words are powerful, they can really bring wholeness to a person's life.

-All are welcome to write, no matter what age, creed or gender. I hope you will decide to contact me.

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