Hello, My name is Otis and I really need your help, I recently served 29 years & 9 months in prison for a sexual assault on an “adult”, while in prison this state came up with a new law that allows them to civilly commit people and basically give them a life sentence - The law is unconstitutional - but because it’s being used against sex offenders, so nobody seems to care, Illinois’ political system is so corrupt, that it has the court system allowing this to happen & we are dying in here, even though every person here has served his time, and by law should be free, but instead we were kidnapped and brought here, my story was published in an online newspaper called “In These Times”, it was published in August 2020 by Investigative Reporter for Sarah Lazare, you can go to the website - InTheseTimes.com/article/civil-commitment Rushville-treatment-detentionfacility-prison-indefinite-detention. And read the article yourself, she talked to doctors and lawyers that are against this law & program. It’s mainly used against gay & bi-sexual men - I need a real lawyer to represent me, and would appreciate a few friends too.

Otis Arrington


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Otis Arrington
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