Joecephus Mitts
Joecephus Mitts # 925876   
Rushville Detention Center
17019 Country Farm Road    
Rushville, IL 62681 USA
My name is Joecephus,

I am a single African American male born in the year of 1970, I am 50 years old, with brown eyes, body weight 160 pounds with a muscular build.

I will begin by stating that this correspondence is open to all females from the age of 35 yp 62 year old. Regardless of age, race, ethnic background or physical dimension.

I am a man who is focused on what is trusty, desirable with in his heart. My focus consist of things such as the need to establish an unique bond of unity, friendship, closeness as well as an opportunity to bring forth the ultimate goal of companionship.

Today I am presently preparing myself to become a member of society. I am moving forward, continuously keeping a positive frame of mind.

I ask that you take a moment of your valuable time to forward me your thoughts so we may begin our journey together. I also desire the same thing in a female pen pal.

Your friend truthfully,
Joecephes Mitt

African American
I Believe in God
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