Muhammad A Jones
Muhammad Jones # 932382
Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility
12750 Highway 96
Ordway   CO   81034   USA
To all who've chosen to read my profile, your presence is greatly appreciated and needed in my life.

-By the grace of God, the courts have recently vacated my wrongful conviction/life sentence. leaving me with little time remaining.

-As a wrongfully convicted prisoner I'm acutely aware of the structural, systemic, and institutional biases inherently baked within the so-called, "criminal justice system" fighting for my own freedom as well as other "wrongfully convicted prisoners". You know that nothing's over or new; simply put, "lynch-law through due process". You alone are "the master of your fate, the captain of your soul".

-It really takes life getting you down to find out who's you "judge" and who's your friend" -Support don't always come from familiar faces. God often places strangers in our lives to take us to higher places - friend that expose us to higer more profound truths that change our lives , becoming aquainted with the knowledge of our true-self: the reality of God's power that exist within our cooperation with one another. Notheing in life happens by chance, we are all childeren of destiny and must awaken to our own divinity.

-I can only recieve jpay -unable to respond directly must include mailing address/phone.
My deepest appreciation for this moment in time. You could have been anywhere doing anything but you're here with me, I pray to here from you soon.

God bless!

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