Henry Wainwright
Who would have ever thought I'd place this ad, or that you'd be reading it?

If we were told 20 or 30 years ago that I would be placing this ad for you would be reading it we would have said  "no way, not possible, how in the world did this come about?" But life never follows what we expect from it. Instead, life gives us the total unexpected. I guess that's what makes life so grand.

I'm not a terrible guy, I'm a guy who has done some terrible things. I've done a lot of good things too. I'm not perfect. I'm not even per, but I try to smile each day and count my blessings. I think that's what life expects from each of us. I don't know. Maybe I never will, but in between time I'm gonna laugh a little, cry a little, and enjoy life the best I can trying to do something good each day.

No matter where I am or my situation I'm going to read my good book and be thankful for each day that I have. I am serving a life sentence for conspiracy/attempt to commit robbery. Recent United States Supreme Court decisions will soon change that. "Sessions vs Dimaya". It's crazy because the past 10 years I have rejected excepting my fate and right when I let out my breath and say "okay, I'm going to die in prison." Everything changes again.

After that first year I was convicted I gained 90 pounds. I was in a depression and didn't even know it. Now, I have to get back in shape and get ready to go back. I am an iron worker, welder, cabinetmaker, all-around handyman. I may try something different. I'm innovative. I'm also open to suggestions. I would sincerely appreciate any and all advisements, recommendations, plans, or theories.

For those of you who don't believe in God I will pray for you. I'm not a preacher and rarely followed God's commandments, but God has spared me from life sentences, heart aches and even death on more than one occasion, coincidence can't do all of that!

I'm a God-fearing man that seeks friendship of the same value. I once played guitar and the piano. In 2004 a crane operator nickname me Elvis. I'm an animal lover and I enjoy cooking/baking and the outdoors.

I'm looking forward to making new friends.
Henry Wainwright  # 91151004
USP-Terre Haute
P O Box 33 
Terre Haute, IN 47808 USA
Conspiracy Attempt to Commit Robbery
Release Date
Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 05-10-18
Ad Expiration:08-10-19