Dewayne Lee Harris
Dewayne Lee Harris # 908867
Stafford Creek Correctional Center
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen   WA   98520   USA
My name is DeWayne Lee Harris 908867, I’m a mature man born in St. Louis MO, raised Boston MASS. currently living in Washington State.   I’m someone who is open-minded, strong and a very good listener. I enjoy working out and have an open heart for children, animals, writing, reading, drawing, writing books, criminal law, for all people of color.

I love listening to music, especially R&B, soul, blues and jazz.  I believe in equality amongst all people.

I’m looking for someone open-minded who has good instincts.  For me it’s not outside that counts as much as where someone’s heart is.  It would be a blessing to have someone down to earth mature minded that I can appreciate.  A good sense of humor is a plus!

What I offer is being someone who will be honest with you.  I’m someone who can always listen, and be there when needed through all trial and tribulations.  I promise loyalty always being fully committed, and being the friend you can always count on.

Out of state/country is fine.

Email me at

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