Luis Pacheco
Hi!, How are you? My name is  Luis Pacheco.

I am thankful that you took the time to read my letter, however, please don't be alarmed at my present situation, yes I am locked up at this time but it should not be that much longer. My appeal is looking good. Thank God. Anyway, you can see for yourself how I look, there should be a picture of me.

Now, I am from Puerto Rico, 100%. My first language is Hispanic. I can understand English, but I have a little problem writing English, but I can handle no problem.

Now, I love "drawing" that's my thing  it's how I express myself. I also enjoy listening to music. All kinds of music. I am into sports as well. I really do like talking and I am a great listener, I like having fun.

Now I am not a bad person, and at least give me a chance to show you the good that's in me. I also go to church and enjoy growing up spiritually. I also believe happiness is it doesn't matter where you are some people who are in the "free"world are locked up. They may be unhappy emotionally, spiritually, financially, mentally, or even with how they look physically.

Please give me a chance to know you. So with that being said you can contact me through or send me a letter.

Thank you.Gracias...

Luis Pacheco # 908398C/1121019
New Jersey State Prison
P O Box 861  
Trenton, NJ 08625 USA
Women, Friends
Hispanic Puerto Rico
Attempted Murder Robbery Terroristic Threats
Release Date
Ad Start: 04-09-20
Ad Expiration:04-09-22