Branton Noojin

If you're reading this, thank you for taking the time out to meet someone. I know it's not always an easy thing. I guess the best way to break the ice, is to just break it.

My name is Branton. A name I love, simply, because it is unique. I just turned 45 years old, but my essence still thinks it's 23. Probably because that's how old I was when I made the mistake that took so many years of my life-including the prime. As you can see from my photos, I looked younger than my years. I take very good care of myself, both physically and mentally.

I've learned from my mistakes long ago-unfortunately some mistakes take a while to pay for. Please don't let a past mistake define the man I am today. I am an intelligent person, and if you give me the opportunity I will stimulate your mind. My emotions are deep. I know what depth is. My feelings steal oxygen-leaving you breathless. I am an author of two books series. One of the series is all poetry. My prison cell confessions. These works are published. As is my essay "Solitary Confinement." My second series is children's books. So obviously writing is a talent, something I love. I will share these things with you in our correspondence, along with sharing all the pieces of myself.

I have a good loving heart. I am in great physical shape. Brown hair and eyes, muscular build. Obviously I am tatted up. I will never judge someone. I am not without faults. I promise you this: if you let me in your life, it will be one of the best choices you ever made, I will bring happiness and insight into your life. I know my value, and it is much. I love sports, mainly football, and baseball. I do not discriminate against anything, or anyone. I am a very open-minded person I love music. My favorite color is gold.

I will write back anyone who writes me, being I'm considerate to all. I would love to find love-pun intended, but I know all relationships including friendships-are built one piece at a time. So in me; let's build something great and long lasting. I am a loyal being & honest. The only way I know how to keep it, is real.

I promise you this-if you enter my life I will make yours better. I will make you smile. I will fill your heart and mind the substance.

With warm regards,

Branton Noojin # 894030
IDOC-Wabash Valley
P O Box 1111
Carlisle, IN 47838-1111 USA

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