Justan Cola
Justan Cola # 888738
Stafford Creek Correctional Center
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen   WA   98520   USA
I’m what you came here for 😊

It’s safe to say, we’re here for the same reason, we want to meet a new friend! I know there is someone reading this right now who is willing to give me a chance.

I am self educated and try to learn all that I can while I'm here. And use this time to better myself in every way that iI can! “Time can only be wasted if you don’t make use of it”.

I like to read, draw, workout and listen to music and much, much more.
There’s a wide range of things we will have to talk about as we go along.
If you’re sitting here reading this, you might as well write me a letter! Just do it and let’s see if it comes to something. Don’t shy away now. I'm reaching out, Are you ready to reach in??

I’m looking for someone to know and to help me keep my mind out of this place. I may have to be here, but my mind doesn’t! I offer my friendship to anyone who is willing to get to know me! Let me know a little bit about yourself, what kind of things are you interested in? What do you do for fun?

I hope to get a letter from you soon. 😊
And to hear all about you.
So until then, have a good day.
Your new friend.
Justan Cola #888738

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