Olajuwan Hasbin
Tell me what your name? Tell me what's your sign? Tell me what your into? Tell me what you like.

If you was rich  2morrow tell me what you would do with it. And if you could see  da future tell me do you see me in it? I'm just tryna to know you better.

Looking for a friend I can build mentally with and be there for emotionally.Ok, Ok I will give you a weakness of mine just because I want you to have a head start. I'm a sucker for eyes. And a softy for a ride or die, down to earth person who is honest by any means.

Ok just a little more about myself. Why not, gotta hit you with my best shot (isn't that a song?) I have a sense of humor that's out of this world, I don't sell dreams to anyone because I wouldn't want any man selling dreams to my daughter or mother. I was raised by an outstanding woman. I made bad choices in life, but that doesn't stop my goals for when I get home. I remember not too long ago I was just a lonely person with a lonely heart. I know one day I may get the love that I've been missing, sometimes love takes a long time. And when you take the chance on love you see it's not a waste of time if it truly can be. The impossible can be. So hold on tight if you think you're right, because nothin hurts is bad is when you see you gave up 2 easily.

Don't be shy it's only life we're living. I also have no problem with you being on the other side of the universe cause if it's meant 2 B then it will be. And I forgot to say I love music! Sorry if the pics aren't the best.

Jpay me Olajuwan Hasbin # 000885591C
Olajuwan Hasbin # 885591C/1187398
Northern State Prison
P O Box 2300-168 Frontage Road
Newark, NJ 07114 USA

Women, Friends
African American Hispanic Black Dominican Cuban
CDS Possession Distribution
2025 PED
Ad Start:  01-16-20
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