Esteban Gonzalez
If you'll give me a few minutes, I'll give you some hooks to hang your thoughts on. I am 45 years old and I've been incarcerated since 2008. As I'm nearing the end of my time I'd like to connect with someone that I can share my life with and vice a versa. My ethnicity is Latin where family is everything.

A series of bad decisions led to taking another person's life, to which I am fully accountable for, I was raised Catholic and while faith is a part of my life, it isn't the very center. However, I take solace in a belief system that advocates for second and third chances because I sometimes make mistakes.

I have a pretty credible work history and have mainly been self-employed as a barber and tattoo artist for over 20 years. Being creative, I often make greeting cards as a hobby. I am interested in art, food and fitness. I exercise daily on a rigid routine. I maintain a good physique which I am proud of. I consider myself a "foodie" because I enjoy watching food channels and love to eat and cook as well. I'm also an avid football and MMA Fan.

Some of my likes are drawing, traveling, reading and the winter. Dislikes are politics and liars.

The pride of my life and greatest achievement are my two daughters, ages 24 and 14. I am especially close to the youngest, who loves dance. So I watch dancing shows just to stay relevant. Once my incarceration is over, I'll remain in New Jersey until she goes away to college. I like the city but, would like to relocate somewhere that is laid-back.

I'm able to send and receive emails. Create an email account at with my name and number.
Esteban Gonzalez # 884025B
New Jersey State Prison
P O Box 861 
Trenton,  NJ 08625 USA
Aggravated Manslaughter
Release Date
Ad Start: 01-10-19
Ad Expiration:01-10-20