Dwain Padron
Almost home

Being close to coming home after 23 yrs has given me a different perspective of life. I've experienced many things throughout these yrs like isolation, loneliness and at times, hopelessness. I love life and have had the privilege to know, appreciate and still have family, love and humor.

When I come home I want to savor those qualities in life by making new goals and meetings new, interesting, engaging, and positive people. Learn how to live a free man. I have an appetite for adventure, seeing the world, hearing my nieces laughter. I love life.

I want someone to help me navigate the world with all the new technologies and possibilities because I have never been out of the country, never been to a game or club (comedy/strip/music) different foods and cultures.

I work with my hands and enjoy tattooing, barbering, and cooking. I'm a prankster and love to laugh now. The older I get the more I realize I don't know everything and enjoy intellectual conversation, but there isn't much you can miss me on music. I am very competitive and love to play ball and I LET my nieces beat me in board games-Honest! (Wink) I've started a few businesses and have ideas for more.

I'm looking for friends and possibly more, a mentor in business endeavors or I have some experiences I can share. Ethnicity, age, life style doesn't matter. I will respond. From Houston but willing to relocate.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I can't wait to begin a new day knowing I am surrounding myself with good energy people who bless me with their light and life. (I am 5'9", 200lbs)

Respectfully Dwain
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