Harvey Jones
Harvey Jones  # 88202   
Cummins Unit
P O Box 500    
Grady, AR 71644 USA
To my potential pen pal,

My name is Harvey Jones. I am a 56 year age black man who is serving a 20 year sentence term for a drug selling charge along with a 2nd° battery charge and possession of a deadly weapon with a certain person. All three charges were run currently in one consecutive sentence. I've been confined since December 2014.

I have a long history of run-ins with the law and I pray that my past mistakes does not discourage any female potential pen pal from writing me back and offering a friendship correspondence with the possibility of a closer relationship than just friendship but even femalel friendship communication is better than what I face every day as an incarcerated person.

I look for a woman with an open mind, not close minded, one-sided thinking or believing, nonjudgmental, clever-smart, warmhearted, understanding, but not stupid or too bright, a woman of class and intelligent, a woman who knows what she wants, who she is, who she wants to be with regardless of what people say. Sure of herself and knows her needs keeping always her priorities first. Standing by her man, being the backbone (strength), the strong arm of their relationship because out of every great man is his woman that gives them that strength to go another extra mile without looking back and saying I give up.

African American
Drugs Battery Firearm
Release Date
Meet Parole Board 2019
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