Alejandro L Martinez
Alejandro L Martinez # 868894
CO Unit
2661 FM 2054
Tennessee Colony   TX   75884   USA
Hi there, I’m Alejandro, and these words are intended for anyone with more than a casual interest in writing. A kind and gentle spirit who is willing to correspond at any level. A friend to share my/our hopes and dreams with, who will both listen and share.

I’m a kind and humble person who is coming to the end of a long prison sentence.

My time is focused on doing the right thing and learning confinement and receiving no practical human contact, rather than focus on my higher being.
My cell has become my star-chamber, where my time is spent on study, meditation, prayer and practical workings to raise my consciousness.
The world comes to me through books and radio. I’m not overly posh, I’m down to earth about life and what matters.

Will respond to every letter without stipulations or conditions. Age or gender is not a problem.

I like to read, draw, workout and craft small things, like rosaries, roses and so on.

We can receive emails through But we can not email out. If you all decide to correspond, please include a P.O. Box or anywhere to write you back.

Hope to hear from someone, our creator bless us all.

Ad Start: 02-03-22
Ad Expiration:  02-03-23
Women, Friends
Attempted Murder
Release Date
Parole Date 08/2023