Wendell Armstead
To: An open mind and consider it heart.
From: Someone worth your time and effort…

Every day is a new beginning with the appreciation of life, and today is no different. With today's sunrise and being blessed with the opportunity of opening our hearts the precious gift of friendship, or something more.

My name is Wendell, and some of my best qualities are speaking with my actions, listening with my heart, and taking something positive from every experience. The best gifts I've received in life are my two daughters, because they're the ones who opened my eyes to the important things in life, which is family and being there for the people you care about.

The precious things that attracts me most about a woman, is her virtuois reliability, honest, intelligent, cheerful supportiveness and their inner most inspiratons to be the best version of themselves.

The joy of friendship is something I've always enjoyed, and personal intimacy is at the heart of this ad. In today's society, honesty and loyalty seem to be lost, but I'm holding out (despite my current disposition). In my opinion, life isn't about who you look best with, it's about who you work best with. Solid conversation and understanding create intimate relationships. But the best relationships are built on simple things, like sharing similar values. It only takes two people willing to give a little time and effort and great things can be possible, and this is why there is an undying need for friendship and love. 

Hopefully I've appealed to your heart and your desire for a great lasting friendship, but more than anything else, it's our decision and not the conditions of our lives, that determine one destiny.

Please write to the address provided or send me a message at www.jpay.com.
Wendell Armstead # 867539
Stafford Creek Correctional Center
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, WA 98520 USA
Women, Friends
African American
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Attempted 1st° Murder
Release Date
Subject to Change Pending Appeal
Ad Start: 07-19-18
Ad Expiration:07-19-19