Rashard Harris
What's good?!

Are you able, ready and willing to become a voice for the voiceless?! If not then agitate gravel, move around, or simply keep swiping and keep window shopping. LOL because I don't entertain fugery and this platform can be a blessing and/or curse. 

I'm a day one Brooklyn, New York native that came off the porch in the Mecca of Gangland-Los Angeles, California. My physical body is firm, chiseled, and covered with tattoos and war wounds.

I'm currently caught up in these fascists mix in a section where we are not accepted or expected. SMH you do the math! Mic drop...

On a positive note-2020 is my earliest release date with good behavior. Reflection is something most people run away from, I'm trying to tackle it head on; I'm on my way to living again.

Whenever I feel alone I know that a higher power is with me, so I'm never in anything alone. Are you rocking with me?! I get along and I go hard! literally and figuratively. Ya feel me?!

Age and race are issues of mind over matter, if you don't mind then it shouldn't matter. Simply take the next step through the universal door of opportunity by sharing a little about  wi yourselfth me the long way (postal mail) or the electronic way via jpay.

What are some of your interest?! What motivates you daily?! How can I become a fixture in your world?! Are you down for some mental calisthenics ?! Are you a beacon of light, happiness, and truth?!

I don't play games, I quit school becasue of recess, So let'skeep it 8 plus 92? Do you love to laugh?! Laughter is food for the soul! Are you interested in astrology, sports, art, nature?! Mic Pass...
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