James Peloquin
Hi! James here.

You can check the stat block for vital information (if that's what you would consider "vital" anyway), but I'll use the allotted space to share something else. I've been incarcerated in Texas since 1998. In short, I'm a throwback, a retro. Almost and always will, but not quite. I've never owned a cell phone or a credit card, and never used the Internet. Some of y'all are saying to yourselves, "OMG!" Yeah, me too!

What I lack in worldly experience, however, I believe I've gained in wisdom and practicality over the years. If he's willing, prison can teach a man about the importance of relationships and communication, and that's why I decided to cast this net into unknown waters, to correspond with someone who is interested in sharing something of their perspective, their thoughts, their life learning.

If you're searching for the handsome, tattoo bad boy, with thick hair and a devilish grin, please keep looking. I'm just an average guy in his mid-40s who likes music (I'm learning to play the bass guitar at the moment), smiles easily and has some skill in arts and leather crafting. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. I measure a person by their merit, rather than skin, orientation, background or anything else, and will give anyone a chance who will give me the same.

Just the simple fact that you have read this far says you are interested. If so, why don't you take some time and tell me about yourself. We may have been destined to meet, but destinies are affected by choice, and you may never know if you pass me by. I look forward to hearing from you, write soon!
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