Jacarlos McKoy

My name is Jacarlos! I'm seeking a possible friend to share a sincere bond. A lady who's smart, funny, has an amazing heart and will give me the chance to show her I'm worth getting to know. A woman that understands a person need not to be perfect, to be perfect for someone's life. I'm hoping to share who I am, learn who someone else is, connect, smile and appreciate one another.

I'm a country boy from North Carolina that loves to laugh and joke. Loves to have good conversations, loves to learn about other cultures, loves movies and music. I sing, I write songs and write poetry. Expect me to be different, yet enjoyable and sincere, minus the games. The best bonds are when we are happily free to be ourselves. I hope you enjoy my poem. It is called"A Bond".

Let's start a bond!
A bond in which there is a beautiful light, and no fear of the dark!
A bond in which even if we were both blind, we could still see one another by our hearts!
I'm talking about a bond that so special, that it heals all wounds, and never hurts!
A bond so deep that it could only be reached, if you had 1 million people with shovels, and one place, digging in the dirt!
I'm speaking of a bond so amazing, that it makes our souls stand, as if angels were playing soul music!
A bond that's never taken for granted,
A bond that we'd die for, before we allow ourselves to abuse it!
A bond where I cherish who you are, the same way the daytime sky cherishes it's brightest star!
A bond that even if we are 1 million miles apart, wer'e still close, because for our minds and hearts, there's nothing too far!
A bond where you understand me, the way and acorn and leaf understand a tree!
A bond where I understand you, the way a dolphin and whale understands the sea! What I'm saying is, I want a true friend, won my heart can enjoy and truly trust!
A bond that will last forever, even after the suns flames are gone, and the world's covered in dust!


Thank you for reading my profile!
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