Abdul Sidiq
Hi, my name is Abdul Siddiq and I want to tell you about some of my likes. I like breakfast in bed....oh wait that's just a guard sliding my tray through the doorslot...nevermind. Alright, I  cherish long walks in the wilderness. What did you say? That's NOT the wilderness. Oh? I just thought because I was surrounded by wildlife and all. Honest mistake. Well....my favorite color is orange. Why, you ask? It's the color I get to wear whenever I'm going on a field trip. WHAT? Yes, it IS a fieldtrip. How do I know? I get loaded up on a bus, I get a sack lunch, and I get to see things like CARS. SO yeah, fieldtrip.

I  think I must somehow be important, and rich too because I get to live in a gated community.

Hey out there, I'm a down to earth man looking for a down to earth woman, who would love to be my pen pan! I'm not looking for a wife, and I don't need her to be model like or anything, I just need her to be dedicated, confident, real and a ride or die. So if you thinks that's you, you definitely should write me on jpay.com because I also like emails from new people. Even if you're shy and have no idea what to say I'll upload your name on my mailing list and will write you back tonight.


Email me at Jpay.com 854605
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Washington State Penitentiary
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