Dmitri Woods
Hey what's good :)

My name's  Ditri and I am 30 and I thought I'd hop on the web and see if by chance I would make some friends!

Prison Pen Pals has a nice ring to it so it sounds like I'd be saved by the Bell!

I am a Kansas boy like Superman and the only difference I can think of is I did not grow up on a farm. LOL.

I am interested in meeting people who are real, personable, conversationable, and more than anything willing to have fun and be themselves.

I am now in my 30s and am taking life and relationships more serious. I'm single and although I don't have any intention on becoming sweet on anybody I'm open to the idea that leads to that.

I have alotta likes and currently my past time is reading and writing. One of my favorite books is The Count of Monte Cristo'by "Alexandre Dumas" and although it's based in another time. In my friends make fun of me that still my ish LOL I enjoy writing about self-expression. Basically concepts, desires, values, and faith. I definitely would like to know what appeals to you and generally where you are from and what kinda person are you, and what are you looking to gain out of corresponding.

Talk to you soon :)
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