Sammel Sutton
I would like to introduce myself.

My name is  Sammel Sutton, I'm 39 years old and currently finishing off a sentence from a conspiracy drug charge. I'm from West Chester, NY. Right now I'm putting this time I have left to good use. I'm enrolled in college so that I can get my associate business entrepreneurship. I have a year left before I'm finished with that. I have plans to return to society with a degree attached to and added to that will keep me away from the people, places and things that led me to be in this situation.

I enjoy sports, reading, writing, and also learning and experiencing new things in life. I'm a good listener who loves a good conversation with like-minded people. My preference in music is R&B, hip-hop and soul.

If all this has taught me anything, it's that hear about you are and what you're about truthfully. That way it will never be a misunderstanding about your intentions. I'm a man that can be a friend you can talk to when need be. But to be honest, when I come home 3 years I'm looking to come home to that special someone. I'm talking about a woman who has herself together. I respect a female with morals and ambition, that way we can complement each other because I won't ask anything of you that I would do so if you like the pictures and what you just read please feel free to reach out to a man that is sure to give you the respect you deserve.

Last but not least if you decide to send a picture please know angles. LOL.
Sammel Sutton # 84194-054
P O Box 900
Raybrook, NY 12977-0900 USA
African American
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