David Carrillo
David Carrillo # 84025
Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility
P O Box 1010
Canon City   CO   81215   USA
My name is David. I'm looking for human connection and intelligent conversation. And maybe just a little fun ;)  I'd love to find out about you and tell you more about myself. I've spent my time here improving myself through education and training assisting my fellow inmates on their journeys. COVID has proven to be very limiting, and many of the connections I had are fading without access to communication. It can be lonely. I hope to hear from you soon. Here is a little more information about my story.

When I first started doing time on this case, I was 19 years old. At that time I had a pretty good idea of how things were supposed to be. After all, I was brought up and schooled for this world. Starting at a young age I had been placed in foster homes, group homes, and a variety of juvenile facilities. I remember visiting my dad in prison, I remember him getting out and telling me, my brother, and my cousins war stories about prison. I remember being in juvenile facilities and getting mail from prison talking of the codes of conduct inside real adult prison. I spent a lot of the first dozen years or so in DOC "slammed down" in segregation. This was because I was working on building, earning and solidifying my reputation. I spent quite a few years in CSP in administrative segregation (The state of Colorado's version of Super max). They say it is 23 hour lock down, but that wasn't quite true, in reality it is 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We got to get out of our cells 5 times a week for showers and day hall, but we never were allowed outside , never felt the sun nor breathed fresh air.

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