Naqvan Reyes
Hello ladies, 

Thank you for allowing me to captivate a moment of your time. My name is Naqvan Reyes, but I'm better known as Cuban Jajaja. So little background about myself, I just turned 35 this past November (yes I'm a Sagittarius November 30) and I an Afro Cuban born & raised in Brooklyn, NY. I speak two languages (English & Spanish). So before I got jam up with these FBI monkey Jajaja, I worked in retail banking for 9 years. I work for companies such as Chase, TD Bank, and Wells Fargo banks. I also have my associates degree in business management.

Now when it comes to my personality, my friends & I love one say I'm a bag of fun. I like to party hard & I'm a comedian. The way I make people laugh the most is when I break out my Cuban & British accent. I come from a big family but I move closer to my brother & sister on my father's side of the family. I have 1 sister (my heart) and 6 brothers, that live in Cuba, Miami, NYC. So that means I travel and have my passport on deck Jajaja.

Besides party, I also like fashion, art, and different music concerts. Every year in NYC I go two different fashion shows during fashion week. Also I like to check out new & up coming artist in different art (painting & spoke and word). When it comes to music I love it all, R&B, pop, EDM, hip-hop, and Spanish music. I like such as Jay-Z, Coldplay,Celia Cruz, Mary J Blye and Adele, just to name a few. I'm also a fan of movies my favorite movie of all organized crime (Gangsta such as "The Depart" , King of New York, Sugar Hill and Calito'sumonay also just to name a few.

Now this being my first time in trouble with the law, I was served with a life sentence but with God & great lawyers on my side, I'm looking forward to seeing my freedom again. I'm not looking to jump in a relationship but more looking for a female that I can make laugh and also make me laugh and forget and I'm in prison.(Feel me.)

Naqvan Reyes # 83464-053
USP- Lee
P O Box 900  
Jonesville, VA 24263 USA
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Murder Bank Fraud
Release Date
Serving a Life Sentence
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