Bryan Kangas
Bryan Kangas # 824966   
Coffield Unit
2661 FM 2054  
Tennessee Colony, TX 75884 USA
Are you looking for someone to have a conversation with?

Not just someone to talk at, but a person who listens too? Well, so am I.

Meeting someone new is always fun, but it's clouded with uncertainty.
Who are they really?
What are they truly like?
How do you tell someone new about yourself without sounding like a used car salesman?
Will they think I'm a lemon?
Could they possibly see that I'm loyal and, despite being slightly beat up and rusty, still quite dependable?

Hmmm… Is there a way to say I love animals, reading, writing, music, movies, and drawing without sounding cliché? Could I tell you I like to stay in shape through exercise and practicing yoga and not sound trite?

Oh hell, let's just kick the door open: I'm a hopeless romantic and a bit of a fantasy nerd, who enjoys making people smile. It's been said I have an impish sense of humor and although I don't easily let people in, I'm deeply loyal when I do.

If that was too much or too little, I apologize, but like you, I'm looking for something that's just right. If that is so, give me a try.

Bryan Kangas

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