Lisa Williams
Hello my new Pen-Friend.  I'm excited about our new acquaintance.

I take great pleasure in meeting new people from all walks of life, all races and people overseas, foreign countries, included.

It is my desire to share my hopes and dreams with as many people as possible, men or women, straight, bi or gay. I am nonjudgmental.

Let me give a brief overlay about myself and what I am looking for. I am single, no children and never married I have only had 1 man and we were high school sweethearts. LOL that relationship lasted 12 years until we decided to part ways and remain friends.

I am open to the idea of a long-term relationship, however, this is not my intention for this ad. I am looking for outgoing, friendly and nonjudgmental friends. Someone who will support me and encouraged me throughout this incarceration. Should I find a mate along the way, then I will consider myself blessed.

It is my desire to start college here and utilize this time to help with caring and thoughtful friends like you.

I really love reading books, history, crosswords, National Geographic history, cookbooks, gardening and I also love dogs and cats. I would love to volunteer my time and money helping homeless pets get adopted by creating social media sites that will display bio on eligible pets to be adopted. I would like to sponsor wounded warriors,: Pets" for PtSD soldiers in need of companionship.

I am determined to walk out of this facility a much better woman because of this experience. I will utilize this experience and my shortcomings to better myself and once again return to society to become a productive member. Please join me on my quest to do great wonders.

Lisa Williams # 817913
1916 N Highway 36 Bypass
Gatesville, TX 76596 USA

Men, Women, Friends
Non -Denomination
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Ad Start:  12-27-18
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