Matthew  Berggren

What's going down?
My name is Matt, but you already gathered that LOL. I'm new to this social scene so a little bit nervous, but I'm definitely all in. Lookin' to meet and greet (someday), but aquaint and chat for now.

I'm extremely open and honest and loyalty are big things to me. I don't judge for I hate to be judged. I don't discriminate and welcome all male, female, big, little, 18+, black, white, etc. No need to be shy or scared to cry. No shame and no game. This deal is for real.

I wanna meet new people and make good friends. I will say I'm looking for a special someone and I'm very open-minded. I'd even relocate when released if need be.

I can be an intense and serious individual, but I hope to make you smile, laugh, cry, and pee all at once. LOL just kidding… Smile!

I look for beauty in everything and everywhere. I'm adventurous, family, and kid loving. Absolutely love animals too! I'm not perfect, but trying to honestly better and change my life. I'm tattooed, but nothing crazy. LOL.

I have so much to say and so little room. Like a dog waiting on the mail man. I'll eagerly await your reply. Tell me about yourself send some pics I promise to reply to any and everyone who replies to me.

You can write me at this address given or go to to create an account and add me (Matthew Berggren #80000) to email me directly and even send pictures this way. Some people don't like to write and nowadays everyone types and texts. So what are you waiting for?
Matthew  Berggren # 80000 
ISCC Unit #T-Pod
P O Box 70010 
Boise, ID 83707  USA
Women, Men, Friends, Donations
Release 05/19/21
Ad Start: 10-20-16
Ad Expiration:10-20-18