Charles Sampson
What's up ladies? 

Obviously you know my name, but since I've been down I picked up the handle  "Chuck "so that's pretty much what I go by now.

Well I'm posting up on this Internet in search for some mature correspondence. I'm wanting to correspond with someone that's willing to let me get to know them as well as them getting to know me.

Yeah I'm doing a life sentence, which is 25 years & I've been down since 2006, but don't feel like it's a waste of your time to get to know me, because before you know it I'll be out and will be doing what ever comes next. :) But really I'm just looking for someone to share my time with, someone who can put a smile on my face, someone that can make my heart skip a beat every time I received a letter from her, by the way come one come all ladies I don't discriminate.

I'm not looking for any male correspondence I get that every day. Okay ladies out there that choose Chuck to correspond with, let's be fair you see who your writing so shoot a picture with your letter so that I might look at your picture as if we were face to face while letting my mind and this pencil take you to a place we both will enjoy :)

Can't wait to meet YOU!!!

Charles Sampson  # 7983539
Oregon State Penitentiary 
2605 State Street
Salem, OR 97310 USA
African American
Release Date
Eligible for Parole 2031 Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 12-08-16
Ad Expiration:12-08-18