Leon Reyes # 797818
Monroe Correctional Complex TRU
P O Box 888
Monroe   WA   98272   USA
Leon Reyes
Great day to you, my name's Leon Reyes, my family and friends call me, "Leo."  If you wish to choose, I would like that also.

I'm Mexican/Native American/Spanish, 5'11", 210 lbs, Brown eyes, Brown luscious-silky-smooth shaved skin, where my hair used to be, Sorry, I'm bald. Ha!

I'm 45, grew up in the 80's. You know Saturday morning cartoons, He-Man, She-Ra, Transformers, GoBots, Strawberry Shortcakes, Rescue Ranger's. The real cartoons! LOL!!  The Ronald Reagan movement, with D.A.R.E., Schwarzenegger's Physical Fitness, the awakening of MTV videos, hits from: Duran-Duran, Expos, Tina Turner, Metallica, George Michael, Lionel Richie, the list goes on and on...  I'm into all kinds of music, if it sounds good and gets the hairs standing, then its time to dance!!  I love dancing.  LOL!!  That's free-time.

Then its time to grow-up and the adult world comes ah knocking and ah crashing, I now pull out my Professional and Business mustache and say to the world, "Hello world, I have 30+ years in construction, in the field of precast and prestressed Concrete." LOL!

That was an old life, now, over the past 11 years I have volunteered in multiple groups and programs.  I'm currently a Liaison/facilitator for the local Native American Circle, helping with Culture Awareness and annual Powwows.  Also Liaison/facilitator for Service Dog Training program, (see my dog training video, [@YouTube], under "Summit Assistance Dogs," and [@Humansofsanquentin.com]), where we train dogs for mobility disability and disadvantage clients of all ages.
I also helped with a book published [@Amazon], called, "Stories of Accountability and Rehabilitation," by Meredith Ruff.  I contributed a story and a few of my poem's.

I personally trained 27 service dogs, and have over 17,000 hours: aiding support, training, and mentoring to an another 80+ service dogs and their trainers.  I'm also enrolled and volunteer in Toastmasters, Defy Ventures, LDO (Latino Development Organization), and Culture/Heritage Diversity Club.  I'm employed as a Safety Clerk for Correctional Industries, managing safety projects, creating and maintaining safety databases and spreadsheets, and developing new safety systems and processes.  These accomplishments, have educated and experienced me with a variety of life management skills, self-improvements and life altering maturing growth's.

In 2006, I was convicted of first degree murder, sentenced to 480 months, incarcerated these past 18 years.  Although I am not guilty as charged, (As of April 2013, I've been legally represented by the Innocence Project of Washington, out of U.W.) my lack of maturity and education ill-equip me for the rigorous process of the legal system.  That's not to say I have not made mistakes in my past, that I wholeheartedly regret.  Those mistakes, I take and accept full responsibility for choosing a pattern of dysfunction, I learned to break the cycle I was born into.

Although I sincerely wish I had followed a different path in this life, I can truly say that I have matured and learned invaluable lessons.  Through pain, strength emerged. I'm not the sum of my outcome and my resilience empowers my happiness.  My life transformed through commitments to my faith, culture and values. Celebrating these daily while rebuilding my relationships.  My character is redefined to match the incredible potential I possess.  I cannot let those who believe in me down.  People are valuable and I cherish new opportunities.

I have metamorphed my life, I once crawled on the ground with negative influences, gangs, violence as an answer, and being a follower to my confused selfishness.  Now I fly high with positive communications with my children, mentors, volunteer groups/programming, social clubs, I'm pursuing better reading, writing skills with higher education and certification's.  Moving forward with a brighter future, I'm proud to be entrusted with a chance on freedom one day. I intend to use the positive and life altering reading, writing, programming and higher education skills to continue in the right direction helping myself and others around me.  I pride myself in efficient, and adequate studying and research of any topic, before I apply it to myself and others.

I believe all people no matter what negative experiences they have to overcome, be it, incarceration, disabilities, mental illness, substance abuse, the list goes on.  We all deserve a chance!  I'm willing to make time, study, research, and investigate every avenue to improve myself and any Friendship.

I realize that as an Penpal, you'll have many promising options.  I am more than an option.  What I offer is a Guarantee!, not a promise, I am dedication to myself and to others.  You will certainly be the benefactor of that dedication.  I wholeheartedly Thank you for taking the time to read this, I intend to make sure you are exceedingly glad you invested your time in me.

I hope to hear from you soon!?
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Native American, Hispanic
Walking the Red Road
1st Degree Murder
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