Randell Embry
“Don't let where you find me to find me”
Being placed in this unnatural environment has limited me with an avenue to communicate and connect with people in society. I reach out with hopes of acquiring a genuine companion to have thought-provoking conversations with.  Someone that is hungry for Success that we can share goals and dreams with and positively contribute to each-other's growth in life.

Don't let silence be your response!
*ATTN:  Messages sent using this site message box (if option available)  are printed and sent to me via snail mail.  Be sure to leave an address or phone number so we can connect ASAP.  If you're interested in receiving direct messages, email, ect. you would have to create an account on www.jpay.com. (more about myself and how to set up JPay below.)

My name is Randall, smart, funny, creative, humble, very ambitious, genuinely confident with moma's values and stand on principles.  I have a positive optimistic attitude and feel that my personality is too big for these small prison walls. 😊

I’m a person who listens to learn and is always willing to see things from others perspectives.

Some of my hobbies are: music, basketball, chess, reading and yoga.

I challenge my growth every day to not only develop healthy positive friendships with those I share commonalities with but I also extend my friendship to those with different walks of life and backgrounds as well.  I can assure all that my intentions are honest and sincere.

I'm enrolled in college while here to further my education.  I am a strong believer in all forms of liberation.

I'm seeking honest friendships only.  Hope the universal law of attraction piques your interest.

If you're interested in getting to know more you will need to go to www.jpay.com or JPay mobile app and set up an account.  JPay is a website made so inmates can stay connected to their family and friends.

You will need to use my doc # 794030 to add me to your contacts.  Be sure to select Randall Embry Washington Dept of Corrections.
Once you complete all required information and your account is confirmed via text email, then we can start sending messages, emails, pictures ect.  I will always reply right away.  JPay is the best way for us to directly communicate.  The best element in a successful friendship is communication.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Randell Embry # 794030
Coyote Ridge Corrections
P O Box 769
Connell   WA   99326   USA

Ad Start: 11-25-21
Ad Expiration: 11-25-22
Women, Friends
African American
Seeking Knowledge
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