Clarence Wright
To whom it may concern: I just want to know one thing  Ma,

"Does it hurt to flirt???"

If you're sitting where you're at right now, smiling. Mentally saying  "No" to yourself; you  midas well pull out a pen and grab a pad and introduce yourself to a brother like me, or just log on to and send me an email. I promise I'll respond to you with the word called speed, then we can go from there. I bet I'll bring more smiles to your face then frowns, because that's my goals simple  & plain.

Overall I'm a good person, and I have a very good heart. I just made some dumb choices in this thing we call life that I'm still paying for till this day. I'm a very humble individual that's really down to earth, and for the most part my days are spent working out, reading, listening to music, watching the news and making beats off my keyboard. I'm just trying to better myself in each and everyway, each and every day working on the man in the mirror. I've never been the type that just wells on the negativity that I'm surrounded by, I focus on all the positives that I have in my life, because I still have so many, and I feel blessed for that reason alone.

I'm setting up this page cause I'm in need of a female friend. What may come from that friendship, only time will tell, but I promise that I'll always be nothing but open & honest with you from the moment you say hello.

Clarence my name is(???) And all I ask is the same in return.
Am I wrong for that?

Hope to hear from somebody soon,
Mr. Clarence Wright # 792414/
Clarence Wright # 792414
Washington State Penitentiary
1313 N 13th Avenue 
Walla Walla, WA 99362 USA
Women, Friends
African American
1st Degree Assault (2) Counts
LWOP Until Clemency or Appeal
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