Carey Anderson
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Bill Clements
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Salutations,This introduction is for that very special individual who desires the companionship of someone genuine.  I want to bring back to you the value of trust, loyalty and respect.  I’ve seen, as a nation, we have wandered from righteous morals and principals, and that is why we are at odds with one another. Being confined doesn’t establish my character, we’ve all fallen short.  What defines me is my personality, beliefs and feelings.  Interested in a down to earth, open-minded, fun-loving guy? Take a walk on the adventurous side.  I wouldn’t consider me a disappointment to you or a waste of time.  More of an investment with great equity and return.

My interests are in writing, I’ve gotten my first two novels on Amazon.  I’m a suspense/thriller sort of guy.  Love to solve a good mystery.  Music and traveling are also on my interest list.

So, if you are looking for that guy who’s attentiveness goes beyond video games, let’s hook up. I’m looking for someone who doesn’t mind being cared for.  If it’s emotionally, mentally or physically.  Appreciate the quality time I’m willing to give to you. I’ve learned the true essence of a relationship, no matter what kind it may be.  Let me make you a believer.

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African American, Native American
Aggravated Robbery
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence