Jacarlos McKoy

My name is Jacarios McKoy and I'm seeking a possible friend. A woman who's thoughtful, understanding, respectful, honest, intelligent, open-minded, funny, upbeat and down to earth. Someone who's looking to share her time, her mind, some laughs and form a sincere friend. A woman who appreciates being appreciated for who she truly is, and thus appreciates me. A woman that doesn't define a person due to a one time mistake. She recognizes a good person.

I'm a laid-back guy from North Carolina. I'm respectful, thoughtful, understanding, patient and non-argumentative. I love to laugh and joke. To bring about a smile. And I'm also a good listener.

After graduating from high I did a little bit of everything. A little college, brief time in the Army, music-I can thing-etc. I'm a guy that's about sincerity. Any relationship sought after, be it a friendship or romance, must be founded upon sincerity. I'm not a person that seeks company of a lot of people I only seek those of sincerity. I'm no saint nor am I a savage. I look better myself 1st, before anything else.

My interest: I love food, so cooking I enjoy. I love outdoor activities, writing poetry is a talent of mine. Singing as well. I love movies, and music. Different cultures, languages, traditions and history fascinate me.

Women that being appreciated is a must for women that even if I can't make them smile all the time, appreciates a person that not just hears them, but actually listens to them. Women who dislikes stupidity, games, manipulations and liars. Women with the foundation of a beautiful mind and heart, not afraid to be themselves, that are a treasure; it's one of you that I wish to befriend.

Race matters not, because beauty is based within the heart and mind above all. Outer beauty complements a beautiful soul, yet isn't it's defining.

Things I wish to know besides the basics are: Who are you at heart? What are you most adored qualities? What's your definition of sincerity? What's your motivations in life? When times aren't so good, what's your source of peace? And lastly, what beautifies of life do you appreciate?

I enjoy handwritten letters, but I can also be email via jpay.com register to emails
Jacarlos McKoy
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