Jason Bocook
I have chosen Prison Pen Pals in hopes of finding some new friends.

I have never felt as happy,or content or excited to express the kind of joy I feel each day and I want you all to feel the love I have, despite what you see as my crime, I am not my crime. I am only human, one who has been taught the wrong things in life. Being incarcerated has helped me turn my life around, I've gone through a lot of cognitive groups and therapy that has helped me recognize what is truly meaningful in life; honesty, trust, compassion, friends and family. I want to meet people who feel likewise.

I do love the outdoors and have a thirst for life, knowledge and companionship. I'm somewhat fit, open minded, and fun & loving. If you can forgive my past criminal behavior and get to know me for who I am today I'd like to get to know you. Life is too short not to share it with a friend.

I am asking for correspondence between the ages of 30 to 45 who are not too detered to write and find out more about me and my journey. I'd love to tell others what I'm interested in along with what I am seeking, but what I am seeking could be a little more than what you might not expect. I can only hope that what ever it might be could end up happening if the right person is really looking for the kind of relationship of her life. I don't expect much, I'm really just an easy going kind of man. I can't wait to hear from you.

You can also connect with me by logging on to jpay.com to send emails, pictures, video grams, donations on the media accounts and stamps.
Jason Bocook # 768445
MCC TRU C-C-117-2
P O Box 888  
Monroe, WA 99272 USA
Women, Donations, Legal Help
Caucasian Native American
1 Degree Burglary 2nd Degree Assault Both With Sexual Motivation
Release Date
07/19/22 May Change Later On
Ad Start: 12-05-19
Ad Expiration:12-05-20