Todd Keith
First Google my name or Crazy Clown to see what I am in prison for.  I'm also on YouTube under “Tossed in Limo” from 2009. What I'm in prison for my past charges I'm not proud of, but I am here and ready to meet you and willing to take you on my life journey if you're willing to jump in a car that never stops moving.

I'm a father of two boys and one Princess...My family comes first and foremost.  I'm in here for bank robbery, gun charges, and carjacking...I got a 30-year sentence in 2019 to the Federal Bureau of Prisons...I'm working on an appeal and some other thing that's going to bring me home a lot sooner than 2042 or 2036 with the elderly release.

Let me ask you this, are you funny, caring, loving, interesting, understand, open-minded, kind, educated, employed, secure about yourself, outgoing, determined, goal-oriented, dreamer, willing to travel, like kids, love dogs, the outdoors, Get money, business savvy, Then you've found someone with all these attributes also.

I've got a lot going on at the present moment...Not only  am I trying to come home soon, I'm working on my Memoirs which will be released in the near future, and on White Urban novel series.  I've got a magazine that will hopefully be released January 2022 if everything goes according to plan.  It's going to be a prison reform, Hip-Hop, news, models in sexy underwear photo shoots, and something else I'm not gonna release to the public at this time...I've got something in the works for one of the major college teams in the B10 which is my favorite school of all schools University of Michigan...Yes, while being in prison I've been very busy as well.  This is how my life is on the streets also.  I stay busy day and night.  I'm looking for someone who can keep up with my fast-paced lifestyle.

I'm 6 ‘2”/ 205 lbs, (lots of tattoos), hazel eyes, with sexy dimples...Tan with a chest and abs to die for.  I work out daily and take my health seriously...I've got a pretty white smile that I love to show daily...I’ve got black hair that is FOHAWKED, high and tight bald fade, no I'm not from Jersey, I'm from Michigan...LOL.  Anyways if you like what you read and can hang for the long haul then feel free to write to me.  I only accept certified letters with a  photo copied picture of yourself.  If the letter is not sent Certified, I'll return it to the sender.

These are my sayings that I live by; I don't mess with James, if you mess with a lame, you’ll walk with a limp…
I don't play no games…
Excuses are like B-holes, everyone got one and they're pretty crappy...Work hard, play harder.  it is, what it is…
Now who's ready to take a test drive in a car that stays running 120 mph?
Don't jump out the car while it's moving, cause you'll hurt yourself...Buckle up and enjoy the ride...This is a brand new car you're riding in and I keep it clean with no trash or garbage.  Please don't bring litter into the car.

Todd Keith

Todd Keith # 76286-061
Thomson U S P
P O Box 1002
Thomson   IL   61285   USA

My Tattoo
Ad Start: 11-18-21
Ad Expiration: 11-18-22
Women, Men, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
Caucasian, Hispanic
Bank Robbery, Gun Charge, Carjacking
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