Joshua Pender
"Strangers may prove friends "

No man is whole of himself, his friends are the rest of him. Between the fraudulence and negative energy I find myself in a world of deception. I find myself putting my guard up cause I don't know who to trust. I don't know who is really for me. I'm always maneuvering "V". Living on pins and needles.

Can you imagine? It's no surprise that I'm wanting an escape so to speak. I wouldn't want nothing more than to have a true and genuine connection. I'm big on energy. I love the idea of ultimately having a mutual understanding and become friends. As I elevate my emotional intelligence I have a better grasp on how relationships work and more importantly committing to one. Hopefully in the near future we can conversate more about that amongst other things.

I was never the superficial type. I prioritize what's between your ears. Beauty don't last forever and I'm about four ever with mines. I believe emotional and intellectual stimulation is essential to a foundation for any relationship. What is it with out it? What do you think?

All I want is real in my life even though it's only proven through adversity but sometimes that don't mount to anything. When do you really know anyway? I would like the honor to show you my worth.That's what I can guarantee. Either I'm worthless or worthy. The real question is are you willing as I am? All truth is relative and loyalty is negotiable.

Email is available to me through Jpay.

Joshua Pender # 760185D/954018 Northern State Prison
168 Frontage Road P O Box 2300  
Newark, NJ 07114 USA
African American
Arm Robbery, Gun Possesssion, Aggravated Assault
Release Date
Ad Start: 03-12-20
Ad Expiration:03-12-21